About Oase

At Oase.dk we sell modern lithographs of the finest quality, so if you want art on the walls with a unique and personal expression, then we have something for everyone. Our idea is to focus on promoting art in the small oases of the home.

Normally, 30 lithographs of each print are produced, all of which are delivered numbered and signed, but we can, by appointment, provide larger print runs.

We also sell the original paintings the lithographs are based on. It can be companies that acquire an original image and at the same time buy lithographs for the employees in eg. anniversary or Christmas gift.

Are you curious about art and colors and would you like to find inspiration for the small oases of the home, then you are welcome to follow and contribute views on the site's blog. We will keep track of the topics that are being worked on and there will also be the opportunity to follow the process and the artist behind the business.

The story

Chrestina has a background as a decorator and stylist and has since 2004 worked as a visual artist in her spare time. During the period, Chrestina has been successful and therefore she decided to start as a full-time artist in 2016.

As a human and visual artist, Chrestina wants to explore a world of beauty, play and dreams with her art. She works both with brilliant colors and black and white and has a unique personal style. Through her craft combined with the most modern technology, she creates the most beautiful modern lithographs / art prints that can help decorating any home

Chrestina Højholdt Jørgensen

Chrestina Højholdt Jørgensen

Owner / Designer / Artist

Chrestina was born in 1967 in Copenhagen and is the creative person behind Oase.dk.



My oasis

My studio is located in Holbaek approx. 60 km from Copenhagen.

The proces

The process often begins with an idea being outlined on paper first. Many times more sketches are created before Chrestina starts painting the picture. It quite often takes several month to create a final painting so Chrestina is often working on several pictures at once.

Before the finished painting gets varnished, a number of photographs are made in very high resolution and then a digital process begins to process the digital image until the finished expression is achieved.

The last part of the process is the printing itself, where the last adjustments are made in connection with a number of test prints. The printing itself is done on a professional printer that prints the picture in very high quality. The printer has 12 separate ink tanks and the images are reproduced with an incredible number of details and a very wide color space. A wide dynamic range and details in dark areas of the image help highlight all the small features that make the images so vibrant. In conclusion, the entire image is coated with a special chroma ink that regulates surface reflection so that the colors are reproduced naturally and with a deep black density