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Italian memories. The atmosphere, colors and scents are the impression I always bring home from a holiday, but also the fascination of the beautiful architecture. The magnificent squares, the small alleys and the nearby houses. The sun that draws the sharp shadows. The colors in the image Rose are inspired by the rose-colored buildings with the greenery shutters and the many flowers.

Only 30 unique copies of this lithography are produced and each copy is signed and numbered.

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The print is made in the highest quality and is called in the giclée (pronounced "zhee-clay"). The technique is attributed to Frenchman Jack Duganne, who in 1991 was the first to use giclée for the production of high quality art prints. It is not a cheap printing technique, which is why giclée prints are used primarily for the production of exclusive printing. Giclee prints are produced from a digital source, typically a high resolution digital photo. Then use a professional inkjet printer to spray the colors on the paper or canvas, often in a quite thick layer. Today, it is perceived by many as a modern high-quality lithography.

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